About Angel in My Street

One person's vision

Angel in My Street is the result of one woman's hard work, vision, and commitment to her community.

Kay Guyton-Miller had been working as a volunteer advocate in and around the Orchard Street community in Stoke, Nelson for over 17 years.

Kay long ago identified a need for on-the-ground support in her community - over and above the sort of existing institution support available nationwide (eg Work & Income).

Her ability to work alongside people who have experienced long term unemployment, difficulties in entering the workplace and other social issues, are based on her easy manner and her informal but effective way of building trust and generating action.

Importantly, Kay is able to establish credible relationships with local employers and agencies, bridging the gap between potential employee and employer.

Angel in My Street

In 2012 Kay's work gained public attention through national newspaper coverage. This, in turn, bought her to the attention of the Nelson Tasman Charitable Trust Ltd. This organisation seeks to support change agents in Nelson Tasman communities. The Trust immediately identified an opportunity to achieve its broader vision of improving communities by supporting Kay to increase the scope of her work.

Can your organisation help?

If your organisation is able to offer employment to Angel in My Street clients or any other assistance, please call Kay on 027 475 2506 or email kay@angelinmystreet.co.nz

I’m definietly blessed and proud to have met Kay. As she’s been a massive part of my life, I am very thankful and appreciate everything she’s done for me.
— Tori Taueki-Wilson
Been given Trust, Respect and Care by Kay. This alone is more than I could have ever have asked for.
— Kaylene Crawford